What You Should Know About Leasing a Property, by michele marano

What You Should Know About Leasing a Property, by michele marano

  1. Do not call listing agents if you want immediate results:  The listing agent has a contract to represent the owner of the property.  Chances are, the listing agent is not going to make you a top priority.  Some agents can handle both sides of the deal and some cannot.  Some agents are not even allowed to handle both sides of the deal, so you are wasting time and energy, not knowing if you will get a call back.
  2. Hire your own agent: You do not have to pay out of your pocket to work with an agent, so hire one, and one only.  Hire one that knows what they are doing.  They will do the job for you and get faster results than you calling listing agent after listing agent.
  3. Take the time to hire an agent that knows what they are doing:  Not all agents are experienced, especially in a market where a property that is available on a Monday is leased by Friday.  A fast moving market, high demand and low inventory, requires an understanding of how to get a deal done.  Poor decisions and inadequate advice will cost you time and money, if you are not careful.
  4. Remember, you are not the only one looking at properties that fit your criteria:  In a fast moving market, chances are others are looking at the same properties you are interested in leasing.  Get your paperwork ready.  Your Realtor should explain this, if you have a good one.  But be prepared to make a submission at the time you view the property.  Taking the time to get ready after you view the property may cost you the deal, if it has not already been taken.
  5. There is no time to lose in a market like we are in today: Today’s market is about savvy, fast moving, creative agents who have their thinking caps on.   If an agent gives you direction, you need to heed the advice and do as told.  Advice from an agent that understands how to maneuver in today’s market will show you the process so you are not wasting time and missing out on deals.

Michele Marano

Champions Real Estate Group

713-899-8420  Michele@MicheleMarano.com

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