Who leads Who in a Real Estate Transaction

HorseleadingAs I sit back and watch today’s market, I have to wonder.  There are so many ins and outs of real estate deals, handling situations appropriately, not naively can make one stop and move cautiously.  It seems through my experience, the more deals I work, the more inexperience and lack of knowledge I encounter with others.  Some agents, some clients, and sometimes I see both struggling in the same deal.

There are pragmatic steps in real estate, whether it is purchasing or selling and you cannot lose site of these steps.  Each step taken off course, can cost a deal or a lot of dollars.  It is in my best interest to guide a client through each deal, and put the client ahead of any commission.  Most importantly, each deal needs to be handled carefully, thoughtfully and significantly to see it through to completion.

It is my role as a Realtor, a business woman of 25 plus years and a professional committed to running a business, to guide the client and be conscious of the steps involved in handling each deal.  It is not a clients role to make or change the processes.    An agent with a past in business, typically can grant a more well-rounded background to deals, negotiations, high-end clients and decisions that are effective and bring positive results.

For more information on Real Estate Transactions, contact michele@michelemarano.com.

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