Desiree Savory Joins Michele Marano on Everything Real Estate

If you don’t already know her, you may to consider meeting this woman.  A professional with many titles, Desiree Savory is know as (aka)  “Big Mama” in Technology, Your Virtual Assistant, Your Personal Computer Coach and Your Technography Solutions Specialist.

Not only will her knowledge help you overcome fears of using twitter and other forms of microblogging, but her righteousness helps ease the pain in learning intimidating tech applications.  She truly has a passion for technology and demonstrates the willingness to share her knowledge.  She is capable of teaching any industry segment and has experience in handling a beginner to the novice.  I always come away from a conversation with her in tears of laughter, or with a new-found meaning in technology that I thought I already knew everything about.

She is easy to read, well understood and makes the curve of learning technology a pleasant one.  Believe me, I know.  I have seen her teach a class of about 30 real estate agents.

To contact Michele Marano: Michele@MicheleMarano or

To hear Desiree Savory on, click here:

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