The Marano Bag in Houston’s Highland Village William Sonoma Aug 25th, 2011
The Marano Bag will be one of many items available at Houston’s Highland Village, William Sonoma’s Bridal Registry Show on Aug 25, 2011.  The Bridal Registry show, held annually, is an invitation party from 6:30 – 8:30 pm on Aug 25th.

There will be a select number of Marano Bags for this occasion.  So all you Bride-to-Be’s, come on in and bring your bridesmaids!  The Marano Bag is a perfect gift for your wedding party, whether it be a guy or girl.  The bag can go anywhere.

“A lot of my clients are individuals who have a trip planned somewhere around the country, who see the bag and want one to include on their vacation.  It just gives the right feel for a trip, whether it be the beach or somewhere you can tote your personal items along.”

“I wear my bag everywhere I go because I always throwing things inside it.  During the day, I usually carry a pair of flip-flops to change into and a bottle of water.  I love having my bag to toss things in.  Sometimes I carry two, particularly when I am traveling.”

The Marano Bag is a big hit with East Coasters, West Coasters and individuals getting ready to travel the Cape, Palm Springs and Long Island.  I guess it attracts people who see how the bag epitomizes yachts, water, sailing, and New England’s Country Club preppy. Ironically, that is what it’s meant to be!

To order The Marano Bag



The Marano Bag

Large Tote: $85

Medium Bag: $60

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