take it to “Values at the Beach, West Coast, Florida”, by michele marano

In 2 weeks, our show will be about “Values at the beach, West Coast, Florida.” We are talking IN THE SAND CONDOS, ocean front views, walk outside your high-rise and your feet are in the sand.

Our special guest speaker, a Florida Real Estate Expert, Broker and top producer in Tampa/Clearwater Beach, is going to discuss the Florida high-rise beach front property market. She will cover values now as opposed to then, listings you don’t want to miss, what to look for in high rises on the beach, where to invest, how to buy, loans, how to rent your unit seasonally and her experience as an owner on the beach. So, if you have wondered about Florida’s high-rise beach front real estate, wait no longer! She will bring her hot picks from 4 separate counties up and down the west coast beaches of Florida.

We may even compare some of our beautiful beach fronts condos available in Galveston, as we go over her hot picks!

You are in for one high seas ride!!!! Got Questions, email me ahead of time and we will incorporate them into the show. We want to know what you want us to discuss!!

Opinionated, Direct and to the Point.

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