“Everything Real Estate”: Opinionated, Direct and to the Point Reaches Popular Demand on Blogtalkradio.com


Michele Marano and Steve Kyles, who host Everything Real Estate, one of the newest radio shows on http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com, spare no opinions and share their individual to-the-point views when it comes to discussing “Everything Real Estate.” Between the two, they bring a fun and entertaining show, while providing interesting, savvy information. Michele’s opinionated and direct approach, who touts the importance of negotiations, brings humor while sharing her experience and knowledge as an investor, entrepreneur and realtor. Steve, sophisticated, yet modest, shares an abundance of information about what moves our interest rates, the economic situation that affects are real estate markets and everything an individual should know about the loan process.

Together, they offer information for everyone who has any interest in real estate, whether it be buying, selling, investing, preparing to sell, designing, renovating, how to hire an agent, or general information that buyers and sellers should know, but don’t.

In two weeks, the show, “The High Rise Situation” will take the listener into the world of high-rise ownership. Steve and Michele welcome their guest speaker, a top producing Florida Real Estate Broker, who will discuss the Florida high-rise situation. So, be prepared for a great debate and lots of information about listings on ocean front property, what to look for when buying high rises, getting stuck in a high-rise market, the ups and downs of high rises, values that plummeted, etc., etc., etc.

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