Listing Your Home For Sale, Part I

Thursday’s show will be about listing a home for sale .  Believe it or not, there is a lot more that goes into listing a home than calling your friend and asking them to put your home on the market.  We will discuss, in detail, many factors that need to be considered, as well as the many steps that need be completed prior to listing a home, that will initiate a sale of the home.

People may think that getting a home on the market is what it takes to sell, however, without all the proper ingredients that go along with listing a home, a house can actually sit on the market and never sell.

Being a seller means not closing your eyes or ears to information that you may not want to hear.  We will discuss all these factors this week and next week on

Everything Real Estate is “to the point,” “opinionated,” and “real” to the world of real estate.   We hope you will tune in and listen to Michele Marano and Steve Kyles.
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