Everything Real Estate: Things You Should Know When Listing a Home

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Everything Real Estate, the state of the market in Houston and nationwide. The show is “to the point”, “opinionated” and “real” to the real estate world.

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    Everything Real Estate


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    Call-in Number: (909) 533-8382

    Michele Marano and Steve Kyles talk about “The Basics of Listing a House for Sale”, Part I 1. Hiring an Agent 2. Reason for Listing 3. Preparation for Listing

    Upcoming Episodes

    – Everything Real Estate

    – Everything Real Estate

  • THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW WHEN LISTING A HOME:  Our upcoming Episode on Thursday is for those who think listing a home is about calling your best friend and asking them to put your home on the market.  Listing a home takes many steps and many considerations when doing so.  We will address step by step things you should be considering when you are getting prepared to sell your home.  This is a 2 part series so be prepared for an abundance of information to take home with you.

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