Renovation Discussion on the Thanksgiving Day Radio Show, by Michele Marano

As you may know, this Thursday the radio show will still air at the usual time of 11:30.  In fact, the show will be interesting and special for the holidays with a guest speaker (who was tough to get on the show).  We will be discussing information that is fun and relative to renovations.

I am getting prepared to do a haul-over renovation to my own kitchen!!   All though it is a small condo, a kitchen still matters and when it comes to taste, desires and a signature style, the renovation becomes a major project!

We will share the steps involved in a major kitchen renovation, including everything from planning, to demolition, to the actual steps in selecting materials, to getting the work completed.  For those of you who have never overseen a renovation or have been thinking of getting your hands involved in one, you will love the show!!!

I plan on hanging this photo in my cottage style kitchen…..

And hanging this cow head as well…..

Michele Marano is a licensed Realtor with Beth Wolff Realtors


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