Michele Marano Will be Selling Luxury Items for the Home, by michele marano

When I say luxury, I mean comfort.  After all, luxury is comfort, isn’t it? I will be offering items for sale this coming year that I find relaxing, welcoming, soothing and interesting.  Now that I’ve got your attention, you are probably really wondering what they are, right?

Well, lets start by saying they all fit into my “cottage/coastal/eco-chic” motif.  I am producing items that I would use for myself, buy for someone or place in my own home.

What makes the items eco-chic?   The items are home-made in Houston, and the materials used to make them area all purchased in Houston as well.  In addition, they are trendy items that will last forever.  I will keep you posted but it won’t be long!!!  Here are a couple of hints……

Michele Marano is a licensed Realtor with Beth Wolff Realtors

Please visit http://michelemarano.com/

michele@michelemarano.com or 713-899-8420

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