Autumn Dark Comes New Light

With a brush of fresh autumn chill and a reflection of a new season-new light, comes a burst of energy, holiday cheer and thanks giving!

I had a feeling of sweet overwhelm today, as we head into a season of cheer and excitement.  All the preparations for the holidays puts my creative palette front and center stage, as the chilly crisp air makes me want to engulf my soul around all those beautiful autumn things that make a person feel warm and cozy.  Here are my favorite autumn items!

Brightening up and dressing my doorway with bright autumn colors that look so refreshing!  It makes me smile day after day, coming home from a hectic schedule!  I couldn’t wait to decorate this wreath with fall colored leaves, berries, beautiful floral ribbon, and a butterfly to top it off.

Stopping by my local grocer, I barely resisted gathering up all the fruit in the store, it looked so yummy and bright.  My favorite selection, at least for the day, were these gorgeous berries.  The colored of them grabbed me and I had to take them home!!!

…….and then of course, around the corner and down the way, there standing beautifully were these stunning Black-Eyed Susan’s staring at me in the face!!!  Today is not a day of resistance.  Good Day Sunshine!

Over the weekend I had to grab a bouquet of my favorite herbal scent, “Lavender”, which just so happened to be found at Urban Market  It was one of those items that made my “autumn feel-good” list.  I do not live without lavender surrounding my every move!

Coming soon will be my new “lavender eye pillow” for all you sleepy heads that want to take a quick break during the day, shut-eye for a moment, and “smell the lavender!”  They will be for sale at

And last but not least, I stopped by my most favorite store in Houston, Thompson & Hanson

I picked up this miniature tree to place on my desk at Beth Wolff Realtors so it reminds me everyday that the holidays are here!!!!i

If you haven’t already been there, it is well worth a trip.  The nursery itself is spectacular, even if it means a walk through their garden of gorgeous plants, flowers and even vases.  I love going there, even for a few minute because it always makes me feel good walking through their grounds and visiting their gift shop, which is a bonus in itself!   Thompsons & Hanson gives me a chance to reflect, while at the same time calms my soul.

Well, that’s it viewers!!!  That’s my list of favorite “autumn feel-good” items.  So, if you feel a little hurried, scattered or bustled, then, slow down…….and grab yourself some goodies that will make you stop and smell the autumn!

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