A Nostalgic Reading: Mexico Point, New York

My article, listed below, was published in the Independent Mirror, a small newspaper in the town of Mexico, NY, which is where our Mexico Point is peacefully situated on Lake Ontario.

Mexico Point: A Slice of Our Heaven

By Michele Marano

There was nothing more exciting than pulling up at the gate and parking in front of the big wooden fence.  The “No Trespassing” sign was posted on the huge maple, just inside the fence line.  We would gaze at the sign each time we visited and would read our family’s names on it.  Arriving at Mexico Point was as exciting as knowing we were in a sweet, safe haven.

The fresh scent of flowers mixed with wet grass and early morning dew sits with me like heaven.  The water is barely moving, yet there’s a small wave that washes pebbles ashore and trickles onto the rocks along the beach.  I would play on the rocks until mom said it was time to leave.   I can still smell the scent of those days and see images of Mexico Point; a property on Lake Ontario owned, developed and operated by my family for 33 years.

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