Looking Beyond the Dismal Blur

Todays real estate market can seem blurred or grim.  It can also be viewed as a great time to take advantage of record low rates and declined values.  Obviously, it is all in the ey of the beholder.

Personally and professionally, I think it’s a unique time to view real estate as an opportunity and look beyond the distant blur.  Seeing through the tightened lending situation, the many foreclosures and the relatively high inventory levels forces us to look at the bright side.  The ability to look beyond what seems difficult or impossible and visualize real estate from its vantage point can be a positive in today’ market.

It is optimistic that sales have consistently been on the rise in Houston, compared to last year.  “June sales of single-family homes throughout the Houston market rose 2.9 percent compared to June 2009.  Sales volume showed gains in all single-family home pricing segments except the $150,000 to $250,000 market. The largest increase took place among homes priced from $500,000 and above. Sales of all property types combined climbed 4.1 percent in June on a year-over-year basis.

Michele Marano – michele@luxuryhighriseshouston.com

Beth Wolff Realtors


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