Defying Gravity

If we break it down into meaning, it looks like this:

defy |diˈfī|verb ( -fies, -fied) [ trans. ]

openly resist or refuse to obey : • (of a thing) make (an action or quality) almost impossible : his actions defy belief.

gravity |ˈgravitē|noun

extreme or alarming importance; seriousness :

Defying gravity is almost like two opposing forces:  Taking what seems impossible and making it probable,  taking a leap of faith and feeling secure, knowing the unfamiliar feels right when not knowing why at all.

I have been thinking of this in terms of real estate because the market has been somewhat peculiar.   Just 2 years ago, I sold an investment property for top dollar.  Today, although it may not be the best time to sell investment properties, it is a day to recognize the opportune time to buy.

Dwarfed interest rates, economic turbulence, real estate pricing adjustments and an inventory surplus are just a few reasons that one should consider buying now, rather than waiting for the rush.  Although it may take years for the general public to get back in and take ownership, those who find the solace in buying now, will thank themselves later.

Defying gravity is more than what it seems.  Individual perceptions are what we make our own reality.

When my inner awareness makes it impossible for me to second guess my intuition, I know I am where I should be.


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