Real Estate for the Soul

Where do you go when the soul calls for inspiration, you feel the desire to feed a passion or you want to be surrounded by nature?  For me, that place is Roundtop.  Twice a year, April and September, Roundtop becomes a focal point on the map, holding the largest Antique Festival in the country.  Stretched over 12-25 miles, Round Top is a small town centered around the largest shopping extravaganza one can imagine.  The booths start in Warranton and then continue through Roundup and stretch beyond Carmine to Burton. Over 2500 sellers/booths are filled with antiques from around the country and Europe.  There is literally something for everyone – a little vintage, a little junk and a lot of finds so irresistible and some so expensive, lets just say, you keep walking.

Beside being known for antique week,  Roundtop is a quaint little town about 90 minutes outside Houston.  It’s tucked off Highway 290.  You have to take a small road, state highway 237 – just about 9 miles west of Brenham.  The exit goes to the left.  The pastures are covered in colors of green, fields are filled with bluebonnets and what is typically ranch acreage turns into an antique haven covered in cowboy boot footsteps and chic bohemian fashions.  If you haven’t been there, you must go; it’s food for the soul.



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