The Art of Negotiations


Negotiations result in more than a handshake.

When it comes to negotiations, Donald Trump has always been my favorite in demonstrating how it’s done.  Now, with over more than a decade of practicing, I have found my own style and techniques that work.

Having worked for years in an environment where negotiations were ingrained in every deal, I was automatically trained from some of the best dealmakers on Wall Street.   Today, every deal I touch involves negotiations and it is rare for a deal to get by me with out some aspect negotiated.

Being involved in today’s market where the buyer is no longer writing full offers, negotiations are necessary.  Taking factors into consideration, such as global and national economics, and also the client’s needs and concerns, all are part of the means of negotiating.  This plays into how much, when and how hard you vie for your position.

If one party understands negotiations, and the other does not, the deal will lean in favor of the party who knows how to negotiate so it is important in understanding which side of strength you are on.

Negotiating is an art.  It is a tool that is taught but it is inherited as a natural talent.  The shrewdness of an individual’s business understanding will drive the competency of the negotiator.



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