Places to live in the Energy Corridor, Downtown and Galleria. Working in the Energy Industry and Finding Places to Live



Energy professionals typically are attracted to three parts of Houston living.

The first most popular area is the Energy Corridor.  The second is close to downtown and the third is inner loop, central Houston.  With plenty of homes at any given time on the market, there is a high demand and moving quickly is the key.
I concentrate on these areas because majority of my clients work in one of the three.  My focus is finding a home that is conducive to the client’s commute and lifestyle.  While all three areas offer a similar lifestyle, it is a matter of home type and dollar value that determines the outcome.
The closer you are to the loop, the more “city” type of homes you will be able to find.  High rises, condos and town homes cater to the Galleria and Inner loop homeowner, while there are still residential neighborhoods that provide homes with a yard.  As you get closer to the energy corridor, prices can vary and the selection of home price is typically neighborhood driven.  A range from $200,000’s well into the millions, depending on how close you are to the beltway, prices will fluctuate.
Of course there are residential areas in Houston that cater to every individual.  For more information for the Energy Professional and to view properties, schedule an appointment with Michele Marano.
Michele@MicheleMarano or 713-899-8420.
Champions Real Estate Group
Galleria Location
2323 S Voss Rd
Houston, TX 77057
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