The Marano Bag in Williams Sonoma, Highland Village Houston, Aug 25th 2011

The Houston Bridal Registry Show is a big splash for brides around town, scurrying to get registered in their favorite stores. Williams Sonoma, Highland Village in Houston, Texas will host an annual party-event for brides on August 25th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm and have asked Michele Marano, designer and creator of The Marano Bag to feature her bags at the event.

Of course The Marano Bag is perfect for the wedding party, the bride to be, the newlywed, of any friends who want one for themselves.  Carrying the bag has hit a new trend among some of Michele’s fans locally and across the internet.  From Florida to Cape Cod, to Palm Springs and of course, Texas, the bags are a big hit.

So all you bride-to-be’s, Michele will have a special bag designed for you and your special occasion.  If you are in the party or just along for a party, there will be a bag for everyone!

To Contact Michele:  or

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