Michele Welcomes Miro Dvorscak, DM Photography to Everything Real Estate

Michele Marano welcomes Miro Dvorscak, DM Photography to Everything Real Estate.

Miro shares his story with the listeners and, from an artist’s point of view, explains his experience behind the lens.  He made his way from Croatia to the US and now photographs interior designs, of all home types, and architectural work for magazines in and around the Houston area.

Miro demonstrates the differences between photography for a magazine and photography for real estate services.  Although similar in many capacities, the subject matter for a magazine takes on a whole different persona.  Real Estate photography, as we all know, is the face to a home that is being sold and the photos of the home are used to captivate viewers.  Magazine photography is meant to create or tell a story, whether it be the home owner, architect or interior designer.  Specific objects in the photo are focused in the shooting and are set to capture a meaning.

Miro also talks about his favorite works and what means most to him in capturing images.  To hear the entire show:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/everythingrealestate/2011/06/02/dm-photography

Michele Marano is with John Daugherty Realtors



To contact Miro Dvorscak: http://www.dmglphotography.com/

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