Everything Real Estate’s Final Week in Florida: Review of the Markets

My final week airing in Florida, with guest speaker Linda Donalson of Remax, First in Real Estate, Tampa covered the following topics for discussion with our listeners.

1. Florida’s West Coast Beach and Condo Market

2. Linda Donalson of Remax, Tampa, FL  and Michele Marano of John Daugherty, Houston, TX package deals for the investor looking for multiple commercial and residential opportunities for the long-term real estate investment.

3. Preparing to sell your home in Today’s Real Estate Market – How to get your home ready for a sale and understanding the Process of Selling a Home.

To hear the show in full go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/everythingrealestate/2011/03/24/beach-properties-on-the-west-coast-fl

For contact information:  Michele Marano – John Daugherty  email Michele@MicheleMarano.com 713-899-8420

Linda Donalson – Remax, Tampa  email LDonalson@Remax.net 813-310-5120

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