Ambition and The Trump Family Dynasty

I have to say, I am impressed as usual. Donald Trump is all about business.

This week on the Oprah show, the Trump family dynasty was introduced and welcomed.   We met his wife and 5 children.

I admire his parental disciplinary actions, understanding the same toughness growing up.  What may seem tough to some is actually a favor to others.

His children described their upbringing as fortunate.  They had little free time between work and studies and were given the best of everything from schools to a high-profile dad.   They learned never to take anything for granted.  Encouraged to discover their passion, they learned the ropes of business by following their dad from job site to job site.

There is only one good thing to say about this type of upbringing, hurrah!!

I can only admire this type of discipline, as I grew up as a child understanding hard school of Knox, while spending quality time with dad driving around acres of land and following him on every deal.  I am tough when it comes to deal making and negotiations.  So is Trump.  What is the big deal?  Why are so many individuals not familiar with making deals out of nothing.  It is not uncommon to make a deal that is thousands of dollars apart, work and then close.  Why so many agents find this unusual, is distracting in today’s market.

Working on Wall St. and learning from some of the toughest, smartest and maybe most difficult to work with is the best learning experience I will forever be grateful to.  I cannot stress the importance of deal making.  I don’t find deals the same as I did in NYC. People get their feelings hurt here when you are honest and up front.

I will do what is best for my client.  I make deals work for the benefit of others, not my pocket.  I will negotiate a deal all day long to make it work, while others will not negotiate at all and kill a deal, for the benefit of themselves.  My work ethic is about the client and doing what is right.  After all, isn’t that what it’s all about in getting a deal done in today’s market?

Michele Marano Beth Wolff Realtors


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