The Reality of Flipping, Part II, by michele marano

Tomorrow’s radio show on will cover The Reality of Flipping, Part II, a continuation from last weeks show.

In today’s new market, the reality of flipping is not turning a market in less than 30 days, rather it is holding on to properties a year or more. The reality is the market is not what it was a few years ago when a home sold before the 1st mortgage payment was due.

Our show will cover the ins and outs of mortgages for investment properties, the advantages and disadvantages of doing a flip in today’s market and the things you should know before you do one.

The reality is, understanding today’s new market is a challenge in itself, and depending on where you live, the market strength varies. Doing a flip now-a-days takes an expert with a keen eye and a depth in knowledge about real estate. When to own, when not to own and where to own have always been key factors, but now, they can either make or break you!

MIchele Marano, Beth Wolff Realtors 713-899-8420

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