The Meaning of White

When it comes to dressing a home, I use shades of white. Why, so many ask? Because white comes in a million different shades and white in variation adds magical color, without over doing it. Of course, you have to know how to select whites before you tackle this challenge.

I can’t tell you how bitter the color of “off the shelf” white is when I see it in a home. “Off the shelf” white is not a color name. It is a white that is purchased off the shelf and is not a mixed blend of other colors. Do not ever use this white! It is unattractive and squeaking ugly.

You have to know how to select white for a room because there are so many to choose and there are many external factors that will affect the shade.

I can do an entire house in whites and every room will look different. Depending on the time of day, the rooms will look different again as the light changes. Painting with white is a challenge. It is a puzzle that doesn’t look perfect until completely finished. Many people can’t look beyond the color of white because they don’t know that white is not really white. White is majestic!

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