The Guide To Buying a Home, Part II, by michele marano

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Today’s show, The Guide to Buying a Homes, Part II on covered the remaining information that will help a buyer understand the process of purchasing a home whether it is a primary, secondary or investment property.

Negotiations: Negotiations are an important part of buying a home, but need to be carried out by your agent, so hire one that has experience and understands the techniques of closing a deal through negotiating.  Most people don’t even consider this as part of a real estate transaction, but for me, it’s by far the biggest tool I can use in getting deals to work.

For more detailed information, listen to todays show, 1-6-11 and you will get first hand information about negotiations.

The last component we discussed was about inspections.  As you will hear, this can affect any real estate deal and the price at which you purchase.

For today’s radio show in full, please go to

http://www.MicheleMaranocom or 713-622-9339 for an appointment with Michele Marano to consult with her regarding a purchase or sale of real estate.

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