The Guide To Buying a Home, Part I, by michele marano

Last week, on we covered the topic,  The Guide to Buying a Home, Part I.  This Thursday, at 11:30 am we will be discussing, The Guide to Buying a Home, Part II.

I don’t think many people actually realize the important steps involved with buying a home.  Buying a home takes many considerations and thoughts prior to actually starting the process.

1. Have you realized why you are buying?  Ask yourself this question and keep this in mind because it will affect the following factors in buying a home.

2.  Interview and Hire an Agent.  The biggest asset to a client in today’s market is the agent they hire.  Many people really do not consider this one of the most important steps in buying.  Calling your best friend or hiring an agent because they live in the neighborhood is not the reasons to hire an agent.  Especially in today’s market, you need an agent who not only understands what’s going on with the economy, but someone who can speak value, rates and real estate facts.  Doing yourself the favor of hiring an agent who understands business and complex transactions is a plus.  Deals are difficult today because there are many hurdles that buyers and seller face.  An agent who understand how deals work will help you stay on track and will keep you informed of any obstacles you may face.

3. Define Your needs.  Your agent should be the one who guides you through this process.  You need to know what you like in a home and what you can afford.  Your agent should guide you in the approval process and will inform you when you should start this process.  Getting approved is much more difficult today than previous years.  Making sure you’re able to get a loan is a big step in buying a home.

4.  Narrow Down the List and Start the Search.  Your agent should be guiding you in your selections.  When you leave it to the pro, you will spend a lot less time and energy searching for a home.

Part II of this series will air this week on

For a buyers who would like to meet with Michele Marano, please call Beth Wolff Realtors and schedule an appointment


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