A New Year in Real Estate, by michele marano

What will this year bring us in real estate? Well, we can only hope for great success and we all want to start the new year out right! We all want to do something bigger, better and smarter than the last, and of course, we can only hope for a great year for our economy and real estate market.

Year 2010 has been an unusual, yet interesting time of ups and downs. In a flash, here are some of the highlights that affected our markets.
Early May, a drop of over 900 points in the stock market. October, Bank of America, the largest U.S. lender, extended a freeze on foreclosures to all 50 states. Oct. 8th, the foreclosure freeze spread among federal and state officials, concerned that homes were being seized based on faulty data. Mid 2010 elections, GOP takes control of House of Representatives. Rates in 2010 were the lowest in six decades. Rock bottom rates were in mid-November. The Dow ends year 2010 above 11,000 points.

Now, we approach a new year in Real Estate, yet we’re still in what many of us consider a new market. If you have had a luxury home on the market, and it’s still on the market, it’s probably time for a change. Would you market your home the same way in 2008 as you would in 2010 and 2011?
The answer is NO.
If you have, that’s probably why it’s still on the market. The new market calls for time to assess how your home is being marketed.
Selecting an agent who is strategically positioned in today’s new market is the key factor in selling luxury homes. We are still in a nontraditional real estate market, in unusual circumstances with the economy and lending situation and in a time when a proactive approach is necessary in selling luxury homes.

An approach to change is realizing your biggest asset in selling your home is the agent you hire.

“I have a unique background of 15 years in energy commodity markets. With an understanding of changing markets, adjusting to tactics that provide results and extensive experience in negotiations, I am successful in the luxury real estate market and provide expertise and knowledge to those who hire me to sell their homes.”  Michele Marano

For more information about Michele Marano, please visit her at:
Website: http://www.michelemarano.com
Radio Show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/everythingrealestate
Blog: http://www.realestatelovematch.com
Email: Michele@MicheleMarano.com

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