Real Estate: A Frozen Apple


Wait just a second.  Did I just hear what I think I heard!…#%&%^(&$*(#&!!!

Yes, it costs 1 Million dollars an inch to clear snow in the “The Big Apple!”  That equates to an estimate of 20 million dollars on this recent snow fall, that basically shut down all three major airports, closed hotels and restaurants, workplaces and even the gorgeous, well-known Times Square!  We are talking expensive amounts of square footage, but unfortunately, not of real estate!!

I thought the reality show “Selling New York” was crazy, but this is over the top, and I am a New Yorker!!  I know Texans are thinking why so expensive?  Well the major problem is where does it go after it is removed and getting the proper amounts of vehicles in and out of New York, which is such a congested, tight island to begin.

Unbelievable it is. But will the city shut down for the New Years Ball drop?  I highly doubt it.  One thing is for sure, New York City finds a way for everything.  After all, it is New York!

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