Listing Your Home for Sale, Part 2, by michele marano

Get ready for the next show on Blog Talk Radio: , Listing Your Home for Sale, Part 2.  The show will mainly cover the importance of how your home is viewed by others, prospective buyers, and the market.  Preparing a home to sell is as important as preparing for guests or a party.

Many don’t think about getting a home prepared to sell, instead they concentrate on just listing it and letting it sit on the market, as is, for the public to view.  Preparing for a sale can be lengthy and time-consuming.  Even for the best looking homes, adding the final touch means making your home look even better.

If your home needs additional care, then it is wise to make a list and decide what needs fixing, cleaning and improving.  Most people don’t live in a “staged home”, although those who do will have less to tend to when it comes time to list.  If you like the way your home looks, ask someone else if they do as well.  If your agent is honest and knows how to move a home quickly off the market, they will give you their honest opinion.  A lot of agents will be willing to list a home in its current condition, and as a disfavor to the public and seller, brag about how new, clean, updated and beautiful it is when commenting about it in the listing.  This is not good business practice, and it is shameful to lead a seller to think that their home looks attractive, when it doesn’t.  A keen eye on real estate and knowledge of moving a home off the market falls on experience, knowledge and integrity of the agent.

I have had listings where the client has allowed me to come in and do my magic in preparation for a sale.   Each time I have done this, I have sold the properties to the first buyer whose viewed them.  How?  Ask when you list with Michele Marano.  This is a free service to those client who choose to list with me.

Michele Marano, Beth Wolff Realtors, 713-899-8420

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