Verona’s is the Best Kept Secret in Houston on the Italian Food Front

Mmmmm.  I felt like I was home in New York.  It’s the best kept secret in Houston.

Verona’s Italian Cuisine not only brings back memories of my grandmother’s Sunday dinners, but I have to place this restaurant on the map as the best Italian food I have ever had in Houston!

What makes Verona’s sooooo good?  Well, if you have ever had the opportunity to dine at a “mom and pop” Italian restaurant on the East Coast, you will know what I mean.  There is that authenticity of a classic Southern Italian dish, without all the fluff.  The food sets itself apart from other so-called “Italian” restaurants.  It just isn’t like anything else I have had here.  He actually has an Antipasto that is made relatively similar to my Sicilian grandmother’s dish.   Ohhhhh so good and it is the only place I have ordered Marinara, Meat Sauce, and of course Eggplant Parmigiano and felt like I was eating out of my grandmother’s kitchen.

Having grown up eating the best-of-the-best Italian cooking, I must say I am a tough critic for authentic Italian food.  A lot of restaurants are on the slide when it comes to the “real Italiano”.  Let’s say it like it is.  If you aren’t familiar with the real deal, then you’ll easily be fooled when it come to a great authentic Italian dish.  If there is anyone who can sniff out the best, it is I.

The aroma was so familiar to me, I immediately knew it would be to my liking the very first time I walked in. Boy was I right! Not only is the food delectable, but the restaurant is very casual, comfortable, and welcoming.  The restaurant is owned by 2 partners.  One owner will serve you, while the other is preparing your dinner.

I salute Verona Italian Cuisine!!!!  Please go and try out any dish and report back to me!!!!!

Verona’s is at 3995 South Gessner at Westpark  –  713-789-8153

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