If you are wondering how the Trump family makes their way to the top in Real Estate, I can surely tell you it is all about their ways of negotiations.  I know because I have listened to them on numerous interviews, watched them on TV shows and read their books.  I admire their tactics but at the same time are too familiar with the preaching of the importance of negotiation skills.

One must learn on their own, not just from listening to the best, but from practicing.  I have learned over the course of many many years in a tough, manipulative, challenging, competitive industry of energy.  No fault at all, because when you are surrounded and work with the best in the business, you learn from the best, and I did.

I feel very proud to say that my background brokering energy commodity and OTC markets has earned me the credentials to say I have learned the best negotiation skills on the planet.  It didn’t come easy and there were tough maneuvers in understanding the loss and gain of business, winning and losing client’s respect, gaining and forfeiting a deal over your competition, but in the end, it paid off…..HUGE.

Now, I’ve just transformed what I learned from the best on Wall Street, to Main St. Houston, Texas, Real Estate.  Boy, if you get me as an agent, you will feel the negotiation skills at their best and the gratification of having an agent who knows how to negotiate.  If you are wondering if you can have the next best thing to Trump, well then, I guess you know how to contact her.

Tomorrow on WWW.BLOGTALKRADIO.COM/EVERYTHINGREALESTATE  we will talk about NEGOTIATIONS in a real estate deal and how it works for you.

Michele Marano

Beth Wolff Realtors


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