An Outside Perspective on Vegas by Michele Marano

Naturally, while vacationing in Vegas, I couldn’t help but open the Real Estate section of Las Vegas classified.  Considering “high-rise” living is a big part of Vegas, my eyes immediately focused on the High Rise-Mid Rise column.  For a mere $229,000, you can pick up a condotel, fully furnished on the 29th floor of the MGM.  Unfortunately, to the last owner it sold new for $710,000.  What a deal.

Also, if you want to step it up a notch and own at Turnberry Pl., you can pick up a bank-owned unit for $479,000.  The original price was not disclosed.

While gambling appeared to be down and after speaking with locals, the strip is in somewhat of a dull-drum slump.   Food prices were higher than ever remembering in the past and deals were far and few between.  At one sports book, the minimum bet of $300.00 on football was required in order to receive a drink ticket.  Hopefully, better days are in store for “what happens in Vegas!”


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