Smooth Sailing when it comes to Real Estate Closings, by michele marano

In today’s market, things are somewhat non-traditional when it comes to real estate.  Although the Houston market seems somewhat stable, with an increase each month in home sales, the market is not a reflection of anything we’ve seen in the past.

Point taken.  Selecting an agent in today’s market is almost as important in deciding where you’ll purchase your next home.   There are two ways of doing most things.  The easy way or the hard way.  Closing a deal smoothly, considering the many obstacles we face in today’s market, is a new challenge to buyers, sellers and agents.  Hiring an agent with extensive experience in business and handling multi-facet transactions is a plus when it comes to closing in a tough market place.   There are a lot more layers to real estate transactions since RESPA laws and lending guidelines have changed.  The lending process is new for all parties involved.  Appraisals, inspections, comparable data, valuation, inventory levels, and the economic climate change have affected the ease of closing deals.

With this in mind, it is important to understand the importance of who you hire as your agent.  In addition, most people want a “hands-on” approach when it comes to handling their properties.  “Our business is all about personalized service and taking serious care in how we handle each and every client.”   We do not send out an assistant to show our properties and we keep a close dialogue with our clients, giving important feedback on their listings.  In addition, the owners of our firm will often take part in meetings with new clients, if necessary.

When I brokered energy futures and OTC markets, I was forced to learn the importance of adjusting to changing markets.  In addition, understanding risk and the ability to adhere to new and different maneuvers, was invaluable experience. Hypothetically, the traits I used in managing commodities are all too familiar with today’s real estate deals.  It is a challenging and constantly changing market place.  It takes an extra effort in making sure closings sail smoothly.

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