Does Color Make a Difference When Selling?

Some say no.  I say yes.

Color is one of those things that either affects you or it doesn’t, triggers a mood or it doesn’t, cultivates a feeling or it doesn’t.  It does all of the above with me.  Color in a home is like drama to a good play.  Without well-thought-out color, it’s just another boring, run-o-the mill home.

I hate to say it home owners, but great color selections require a trained, keen eye or a natural one that knows how to identify the right shades, hues and tones.   There is nothing worse than walking into a home where the owners think their smashing cherry red dining room walls are the next best thing to grandma’s pie.  Hold the servings please, I can’t get past that red!

Certain shades are irritating, nauseating and too robust for the mind and body when shopping for a home.  To say the least, it is not comforting to be in a room that drives you out because the color doesn’t please.  Too bright, too dull, too brass, too yellow, too much of something in the mixture, gets you nothing on the wall.

A color should be subtle, gentle, serene and calming.  It should look so good you want to taste it.   It needs to be inviting, welcoming, and friendly.  Feeling good when you walk into a room is an instant notification of color.  If the color doesn’t move you, it’s not the right one.

Think of colors this way:   TO BE CONTINUED


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