Where to Begin When Buying

When it comes to buying in Houston, the first item on the list to determine is which area of town you choose to live. Since there are so many areas to Houston, there are factors you need to consider.

Let’s first start by saying “location, location, location” takes on a meaning of its own. Location is probably the most important factor in any real estate transaction. Where a home is situated not only effects it’s value in price, but also it’s value in demand. Typically, the higher the desirability of a location, the greater the demand there will be to own it. Location is important, especially in Houston because of the zoning, or lack-there-of zoning laws. Paying top dollar for a property which eventually depreciates in value because of a commercial community slowly being developed around it, is something to watch for in transitional neighborhoods. Some individuals prefer to live in a transitional neighborhood, where there are many changes that take place over long periods of time, like 10 years or more, while others prefer established neighborhoods where there are no unexpected surprises.

Houston has so many different neighborhoods, all of which are unique to the eye of the buyer. Buyers need first determine the most important aspects of their life. For example, if a couple wants to be able to walk to restaurants and shops, then that will dictate certain parts of town. If an individual works downtown and wants to live minutes away from work, there are multiple areas that will offer a quick commute.

Determining what’s important in the buyers life, helps determine what area of Houston is most attractive. From there, it is easier to begin narrowing down the list of neighborhoods and fine tune what really matters in purchasing a home.

For more information about buying in Houston, please contact Michele Marano, Beth Wolff Realtors.
Michele@bethWolff.com or 713-622-9339.


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