What To Know Before Listing Your Home

Preparing your house for sale is a multi-step process with many considerations.

1. I can’t stress the importance of actually making your home attractive to the viewer.
If your home does not already look showcased for a magazine, then you will need to do what it takes to get it in that condition. Adding a few pieces of furniture or taking a few pieces away is the first step in making each room appealing to the eye. On top of that, what is the condition of your paint? If it is dirty or hasn’t been painted in years, it will show that way. Also, colors can be a sensitive issue when selling your home. You may like your colors, but others may not. One will need to consider if they can live with your colors or if painting is going to be a project they want to take on.

2. I view a lot of homes on the market and the most frequent mistake I see over and over are homes filled with clutter and toys. A home that looks lived in is one thing but a home that is on the market for sale is another. Clutter creates confusion. Confusion creates distraction and distraction isn’t the sensation you want the viewer to feel. Take the time to clean out a closet and remove objects, toys and excess paraphernalia that doesn’t add appeal to the room. You want your home to project good comfortable feelings to viewers that will lead to a definitive buyer.

3. List your home with an agent that is familiar and knowledgeable with the location of your home. Being able to discuss facts about the neighborhood is a strong selling point, as well as being able to answer questions about the surrounding market. An agent who know the market will add value when helping you sell your home. Also, an experienced agent will guide you in making sure your home looks and presents itself well to the public. What one agent thinks looks good may not be good looking to another, therefore consider who you’re going to hire to sell your home.

4. Making sensible decisions can have an impact on how long your home is on the market. If your home has been on the market for quite some time, it may be a sign that something needs to change. Whether it is clutter, color, price or your agent, be cognitive and responsive to making your home sell.

Michele Marano is an investor and licensed Texas Realtor with Beth Wolff Realtors.
For information about Preparing Your home for Sale, go tohttp://MicheleMarano.com orhttp://luxuryhighriseshouston.com
You may contact Michele Marano at 713-899-8420 or 713-622-9339 or send an email toMichele@BethWolff.com


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