Selling In Today’s Market

How Should Your Home Look When It’s on the Market?

I can only teach through my experience and the experience to which I share has been a successful one.
First of all, I can’t tell you how many homes I see that are on the market that are not prepared to be. If you expect your home to sell quickly, especially in a slower economy, nontraditional market, you will need to take a few extra steps in preparing your home for sale.

If your home looks run down and is not kept neat or maintained, then chances are you will appeal to buyers who are investors, wanting a distressed home for renovation. If you are catering to that particular market, then you are ruling out the majority of the population and have narrowed your chance of selling.
Most people today want homes that are move in ready, especially if they plan to live and make the home their primary residence. Take some extra time before listing and make repairs, make it show room ready and be sure there are no distracting odors that will drive your viewers out the door.

A good agent will give you sound advice and direct you in preparing your home, however, not all agents have keen eyes in style or enough experience in being up front and honest with you. If there is a toss between telling you what you should do to prepare your home for sale or losing the listing, most agents will say nothing.

A good, experience agent who knows what it takes in moving homes off of the market will guide you carefully and thoughtfully. I am willing to bet that if some of the homes I see on the market are given a minor facelift, with incremental amounts of pennies, there would be a lot more showing and potential offers.

For more information call Michele Marano at 713-899-8420 for Staging Suggestions or visit http//

For information on listing your home call Michele Marano, Beth Wolff Realtors at 713-899-8420.

Clients who list through Michele Marano at Beth Wolff are provided free consultation on “Preparing Your Home for Sale.”
Michele Marano is a licensed Texas Realtor with Beth Wolff Realtors, an investor and owner of Michele Marano & Associates (Home Decor & Eco-chic Syles)

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